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iPortal provides IT products and solutions to our clients globally. We conceptualize and provide technology driven
business transformation initiatives to our clients.


You want to make your organization a living breathing well oiled mechanism.

You need a set of tools to manage your

  • Business development,
  • Manpower allocation,
  • Asset tracking and allocation,
  • Streamlined asset purchase requests,
  • Mandatory / optional certifications and trainings for employees,
  • Salaried employee activities and time,
  • Field / Union employee activities and labor,
  • Tracking of project original budget versus spending and expected profitablity,
  • Daily issues and processes in an organized and controlled way and generally improve the productivity of the entire organization.

Track Field worker crew time.

Project Coordinators or Foremen can setup Crews, enter time for Job Phase codes from their tablets / iPads.

They can add / remove workers from the crews on the fly.

Data entry is controlled with alerts and error reporting to allow the Foreman to corrrect the time data at the source, eliminating expensive data repairs in the Accounting Package.

Send the time data directly into your accounting package such as CMiC, Oracle, Timberline with a text file generated.

This eliminates duplicate data entries and errors...

Easy to use tool to help Salaried Employees track their work and contribution to various activities.

Employees can charge their time to Job Phase codes or Departments from their laptops, iPads or iPhones.

Alert employees to missing time, incorrect codes and completion status.

Send the time data directly into your accounting package such as CMiC, Timberline, Oracle with a text file generated.

This eliminates duplicate data entries and errors...

Every Organization has training courses, training schedules/sessions and expects employees to go thru some of the training courses.

You want to set some of the courses as Certifications and make them mandatory for selected Job Titles or Title groups.

Then track compliance of certifications, alert them to expiring courses or missing documents and such.

iSafety is the right tool to allow you to do all these and more...

Your team is building large and small structures.

Throughout the process you need to inspect the quality of the process.

You want to be able to report the issues or variances from the site to the subcontractor or architect and track the issue correction.

Each building is different, has different number of floors, sections and items/entities to inspect.

With iInspection, you can configure what you need to inspect.

You can setup floors, sections in the floors, items to inspect in each section.

Your inspection team can do this from their iPads or tablets from the building sites.

Your business development team is contacting owners, contacts, architects to spread your wings and build more business.

iBD organizes this effort to make it smooth and productive.

Account managers can manage Leads and Opportunities and followup with the contacts, attend bids and record the ongoing discussions and notes.

Full life cycle from Lead to Opportunity to Bid to Award can be tracked in this tool.

Executives can manage the account managers and set Action Items to help drive the process for improved results.

Your Business development team needs marketing material such as Completed Project details, Expert Emloyee profiles, Employee images,

and build a set of Owners as references for different types of buildings.

Use all of the material collected to build Pursuits and maximize business development activity.

More often than not, there is a lot of effort wasted in manning the projects you are executing.

iPM helps you assign the right manpower to each project. It helps you track who is needed where.

You can have a request mechanism for manpower from each project.

Then assign the right employee by tracking who is finishing a project and who is coming available at the right time for a new project.

You can setup a hypothetical project and do a 'what if I get this project' simulation by assigning manpower in advance and much more...

You have projects large and small. Each has a budget and is spending material and labor.

You want to track project spending, completions based on spending and have visibility to your profitability at any time.

You want to track how much you are spending on change orders and how much of it is recoverable.

You want to know or predict variances at the right time so you can take corrrective action.

You want to push some descipline into the project managers to control costs and wasteful spending.

iForecast is the right tool to do all that and more...

Every Organization owns several assets and several are bought / leased every day.

You need a way to track the assets you own, asssets assigned to Employees, Divisions, Departments, Jobs or lying idle.

Scan the barcodes of each asset in your organizations, pin them to the office location, floor and cube and centralize their information.

Assign status such as Assigned, Available, Discontinued and such and keep track of idle assets to minimize wasteful spending.

When employees leave, a check list helps the supervisor to reclaim all the assets assigned.

In your organization, you are buying several new assets requested by employees or divisions or departments.

You want to standardize the models that are bought so you can effectively support them.

You want to control high value purchases with an approval mechanism.

You want to track the orders, build/assembly processes if components are bought together and make sure the request -to- delivery cycle is complete.

iPR, purchase request module is just the right tool for that. It is tightly integrated with iAsset module to house teh assets bought and track barcodes and such.

Build a relationship with your employees and engage them to be fully absorbed into your organization.

Give visibility and access to their information anytime, anywhere.

Information such as their VAC balances, team members, company calendar and such.

Give them freedom to connect with you on any issue.

Allow them to have group activity based on their interests, geography and expertise. With iERM, you can...

Everyday, there are several issues in a working, growing organization.

Most of them are dealt with in an adhoc way and so several of them fall thru the cracks.

Through a robust issue ticketing system with routing rules and approval configuration, you can bring a method to madness and make your organization a well oiled machine.

With plenty of pre-defined issue tickets in iHelpDesk, employees can improve their productivity tremendously and nothing is lost thru the cracks...

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About Us

We are a team of highly focussed people dedicated to building world class products and slutions to help big, medium and small organizations to achieve their dream.
We have built iConstruction, a product suite that enhances the effectiveness and productivity of every employee in a construction related organization.
The productivity gains are so high that the ROI on the product purchase is within 6 months.
We have also built a custom product for the Charity vertical partnering with Telosa Inc,. which is now merged with Donor Community, Florida.


Vadendra Rao (VADI), President and CEO.

Vadi has 30 years of software industry experience in consulting, product building and building custom solutions for large, medium and small organizations.

He has spent most of it overseas in US and Germany at various executive levels in reputed organizations.

He has a great deal of insight into workings of efficient organizations and builds solutions around them. He founded iPortal in 2000 to build a world class, integrated software solution thats easy to use and easy to administer, so it can transform an organization into a lean, mean successful machine.

iConstruction is one such product built for the construction vertical to help companies manage their business virtually, from anywere.

He has a bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in Business Management.

You can reach him at vadi@iportalinc.com.

Dean Zellman, Vice President, Business Development

Dean has an accomplished track record in Business development in different verticals.

He has the business savvy and acumen to build iPortal into a great company. With expertise in Retail and other verticals, Dean stands out as one of the best in the business. His dedication is exemplary. He is also a Microsoft Certified Engineer.

You can reach him at Dean@iportalinc.com