Progress of a building is important to you

Quality of construction is important to you since it is important to the owner

Your revenue receipts are dependent on deliveries and completions which depend on quality acceptance

iInspection is the right tool to verify the quality of construction on various criteria

Each building is different, has different levels, different parts and unique items to be quality certified

In iTinpection, you will be able to setup and configure each building in a unique way

You can define levels/floors, wings, different type rooms, items in each room and so on

The whole inspection plan can be downloaded to an iPAD and the Inspector can go thru each item of Inspection Plan

Each item of the inspection plan can be pushed thru PASS / FAIL.

Each FAILed item is communicated to the subcontractor or your own Project Engineer / Project Manager for fixing.

Using an iPAD, Inspector can take photos of the defects, annotate the image with comments, attach the images to relevant defect and email them to the appropriate sub / PE / PM for fixing.

This gives a more graphic detail to teh sub / PE to fix teh defect better and faster.

Once fixed, the detail comes back by email to the inspector with the Job No, Location, Level, Room, Item, Defect # detail and so the Inspector can redo the survey and PASS the defects.

When all the items of the building have been PASSed, then it is ready for Owner verification!

iPAD content of the Inspection Plan can be uploaded to the server and that helps PD / VP to verify all the results and consolidate data into reports.

Dashboard gives Jobs, No. of Quality Points scheduled and Completed, No. of Defects, No. of PASSes, No. Of FAILs, number of of iterations of Inspections and so on.

While setting up an Inspection Plan for a building, iInspection helps you to automate components. You can define components and sub components based on Building Types.

You can assemble an Inspection Plan using the Components / Sub Components already setup by you as building blocks. Over a period of time you will be able to develop an Inspection Plan for different building types in quick time, so your setup time reduces drastically.

So iInspection helps you in making a methodical, thorough Inspection without missing any item

iInspection helps you to progressively reduce the number of iterations as you use it more and more by making Inspectors / Subs / PEs familiar with the process which encourages them to prevent common defects.

No more paper, no more clumsy clusters! Any change in teh building structure or extensions is no problem! Simply change / add more items to the Inspection plan and the Inspector downloads it to his/her iPAD and work gets done with no delay and no ignored / missed items!