A pursuit is an opportunity you are going after

A Project is an ongoing job and you are collecting useful data about it and building up a showcase. You are building up a portfolio of buildings that you have executed in diffferent primary market sectors such as Commercial / Residential / Hospitality and such, or by Product Types like Airport / Hotel / Convention Center and such or by Concrete / Steel / Masonry / Interiors Only and such...

You can record Awards received

You can record Project description and Project resume

Record whether the Owner / Architect can be used as references and for what type of buildings / markect sectors and so on

Build resumes of important people that manned the project at teh VP, PD and PM level

Allow the PD / PM s to update their resumes at the middle and end of each project and whett them for accuracy and presentation. iPM tracks this process for completion. When you want the PD/PM to update their resumes, you can initiate that from iPM and an email alert goes to them. They can login to iPM and update theor resume and when they mark complete, an email alert comes back to you.

Over a perios of time, you will have tremendous marketing collateral