All items purchased need to be accounted for and you will know if they are being used by EMPLOYEEs or Depts or Divisions or Jobs.

All purchases can be logged into iAsset with Asset #s, barcodes and other item details

You can assign the Asset(item) to an EMPLOYEE and/or DEPT and/or Division and/or Job.

Keep track of which Office location / Floor / Cube # an asset is at any time.

You can track the list of assets assigned to each employee. This will help you recover such items when EMPLOYEE leaves the company.

You can swap old items with new versions such as Mobile Phones and Computers.

You can mark Assets out for repair so you can track their status

You can log software purchases with bulk licenses. Keep track of their expiry dates and be alerted by email, in advance, to end of Warranties, expiry dates and such.

You can have a transfer price set for each Asset and charge the Divisions or Departments per month, for the assets they are using. They will tend to return any unused assets and makes for end to wasteful spending.