Import EMPLOYEE info from Accounting Systems such as CMiC, Timberline, Oracle.

Setup Temp EMPLOYEE in iERM

Self help EMPLOYEE to Manage their VAC / SICK requests, Asset Purchase Requests, Transfer Requests and such. HR can track all such requests. App red flags excess VAC requests resulting in negative VAC balances and HR can react to such requests. App red flags suspicious SICK Time Off patterns so HR can react to them.

Allow EMPLOYEE to update their Expertise, Interests, Certifications at any time from any where

Supervisors can view their Teams VAC calendar along with Company Holidays

Every event of the EMPLOYEE profile such as Promotions, Sal Rate changes, Bonuses, Dept shifts, Division transafers, Change in Supervisors, Changes in Job Assignments and such are logged and tracked so HR has instant view of the EMPLOYEE growth history

Organize and Manage Events, Invite EMPLOYEEs, RSVPs, Put them into groups, Print IDs, Badges.

Configure the Email alert content, invitations content, Letter content such as Invitation Letters for Christmas Party, Founders Day Party, special Dinner / Ball events, Volunteer contributions, Promotion Letters, Congratulatory letters, Deciplinary letters and such with a rich editor.

Mail merge the letters & addresses with EMPLOYEE info in ERM and print Letters / Badges / Envelopes

Allow HR, Supervisors to make dynamic EMPLOYEE lists filtered by several criteria

Lookup EMPLOYEE ORG charts to 3 levels

Plot the EMPLOYEE home addresses on the MAP to help them car pool or organize local events

Manage Floating/Custom Holidays awarded to EMPLOYEES

Dashboards for HR and Management to track Hiring patterns

Track EMPLOYEE Safety / Specialty Training completions