Most of the issues in the company usually go thru the cracks in the Organization.

iHelpDesk makes it a smooth flowing ticketing engine and eliminates any frustrations caused by lost / outstanding issues.

In iHD, most issues are predefined and the ticket is routed to appropriate EMPLOYEE for action.

  • You can configure which type of issue should go to which EMPLOYEE
  • You can have multiple levels of routing to different EMPLOYEEs in each ticket type.
  • Target EMPLOYEEs can be by name, by Title or by Role.

Some tickets which are 'requests', can be configured to go to their Supervisor for Approval before it is targeted to another EMPLOYEE for action.

There are generic help tickets which can service any issue not covered under predefined issues.

Since each issue is a workflow, there are no cracks in the system. So all frustrations are eliminated.

From the dashboard, Admin can keep track of the support engineers, their ticket load and their closure performance.

Lots of configurable email alerts to warn about delayed tickets, aged tickets, tickets assigned, Tickets waiting for approval and such..

Approvers can approve/disapprove the request tickets from their emails by replying to such emails from their Phones / Pads.