Formalize and centralize the asset buying process.

EMPLOYEES can request assets and supervisors can whett them and approve/disapprove them.

This will eliminate wasteful purchases and reduces the turnaround time for legit items.

Limit the range of options of items so you can standardize on Brands and versions so you can easily maintain them

Mark high value items for approval so there is a tight leash on overspending.

Give the requesters more info on each item so they can make better choices for their operational needs

Predefine recommended items for some or all Job Titles so EMPLOYEEs get what they need to do their job efficiently

Define a default set of items for an average EMPLOYEE, so a new emloyee can get the minimum set of tools to perform his functions

Purchase Request downwind actions such as Assembly of PCs with accessories and software is driven thru iHelpDesk ticketing system so nothing falls thru the cracks.

Full life cyle of the Purchase request from request to procurement to assemble/build to delivery to the requester is tracked.

There are several email alerts available to be sent out by Events such as Request made, Request Approval required, Request Approved, Items Ordered, iTems Assembled, iTems Shipped and such.

Each of the alerts is configurable in terms of who receives them, email content and whether each event should fire an email or not.