Setup and keep track of Courses Required / Recommended in your company
  • Define Validity in Years for each course or a Date of expiry
  • Define whether the training is for teh Employee or the Trainer
  • Toggle the Trainings as Active / Inactive

Setup External / Internal Trainers

Setup Trainings required for the Trainers

Setup and keep track of Sessions for each Course

  1. Location
  2. Date
  3. Time Range
  4. Primary / Secondary Trainer
  5. Conference room

Register Participants for each Session

Attach Certificates / Medical / Other documents at the session level / at each Participant level

Track when the CERT / MED documents expire or have Expired at each participant level

Setup 'Required' courses at the Job Title level, at the Trade Code level

Run Compliance report at the JOB level, at the Training Level , at the Employee Level

Run Multiple reports for tracking Training Completions