EMPLOYEEs can enter time from any where at any time. App runs on any browser on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Tab and phones.Native version of the app works on iPads/iPhones and Android Tabs/Phones.

Time can be entered for workers of a crew

Foreman can Enter a NEW EMPLOYEE into a crew and electronically send that worker's profile detail to HR to create a new EMPLOYEE in your accounting system. He can capture Workers Photo, Union Info, Certificate of Trainings, ID card using iPhone/iPAD camera, attach them to EMPLOYEE record and send to HR for system entry/update.

If you wish to follow Time Range for In and OUT times of workers, Foreman can do so using the interface or just click the Barcode of the Worker ID for IN, OUT for Coffee, IN from Coffee Break, OUT for Lunch, IN from Lunch, OUT for afternoon break, IN from afternoon Break and finally OUT. App will

EMPLOYEE can store frequently worked Jobs, corresponding Phase codes and PCIs. So data entry is quick.

'Same as Last Week' feature allows the EMPLOYEE to copy his last week's time entry to current Week. This eliminates a lot of data entry work. EMPLOYEE is free to edit the time after the copy. Payroll or Admin can configure to allow this feature or Not.

App validates the Jobs, coresponding Phase codes and PCIs and eliminates any data entry errors. Alerts the EMPLOYEE regarding the erronious entries by email. EMPLOYEE can then edit the entry and eliminate the error. This makes for a clean Payroll run.

EMPLOYEE can print Time Card and sign it and submit it to supervisor

Personal Assistant is allowed to enter time for EMPLOYEEs. PA can store frequent Jobs and corresponding Phase codes for each EMPLOYEE he/she is entering time for.

All time entered is certified by the EMPLOYEE as accurate. If PA is entering time for the EMPLOYEE, PA certifies that the time entries are accurate. Payroll can then export the time entry data to create a text file. Payroll can then import that text file into CMiC or Timberline or any Accounting system.

Payroll can configure the fields , sequence of fields to generate the text file so as to make it compatible to the Accounting System in use.